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Russian State Library for Young Adults

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This database contains the archive and current issues of Russian periodicals about social sciences, humanities, and the problems of pedagogy and education. It also contains the complete archive of the Pravda newspaper since 1912. All archives are searchable by author, title, key words and publication date. Every journal can be viewed page-by-page, with all the illustrations, graphs and tables. Articles, illustrations or fragments can be copied, printed and emailed.


Russian social sciences and humanities periodicals

Russian Academy of Sciences journals, magazines, independent academic journals — over 75 publications in various disciplines:

  • Anthropology
  • Archeology, archive management, history, ethnography
  • Cultural studies, literary science, philology, linguistics
  • Pedagogy, psychology
  • Political science
  • Law
  • Opinion journalism
  • Sociology
  • Philosophy
  • Fiction
  • Economics

Russian pedagogy and education periodicals

Journals published by the Russian Academy of Education and the Moscow State University, independent academic journals — over 29 titles in various disciplines:

  • Young children’s upbringing
  • Pedagogical work in schools
  • Children and games
  • Computer studies in schools
  • Computer studies and education
  • Schoolchildren’s research projects
  • Public education
  • Preschool education
  • Pedagogy
  • Pedagogical diagnostics
  • Pedagogical science
  • Pedagogical technique
  • Pedagogical instruments
  • Pedagogical education
  • The problems of modern education
  • Psychology
  • Speech technology
  • Education management
  • School management
  • Russian literature
  • Russian speech
  • Social pedagogy
  • University education
  • Teaching community
  • Philosophy of education
  • School planning

Complete archive of the Pravda newspaper

Every issue of the newspaper since 1912 is available as a PDF file. You can view the newspapers page by page or search by key words.


All visitors have access to this database inside the library — no registration is necessary. If you have a library card you can also access the database from anywhere via your account on the library website.


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