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Russian State Library for Young Adults

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The Russian State Library for Young Adults collection contains 900 000 materials, including over 650 000 books and magazines (around 500 titles). Fiction comprises one-third of the collection; two-thirds are non-fiction with all fields of knowledge equally represented. New books appear on the librarys shelves a month after publication.

The librarys most valuable treasure is the Rare Books Collection, which has been developed in the last seven years. There are now 4000 books in the collection, where 200 are incunables, published in the 16th, 18th, and early 19th century.

The Foreign Languages Room houses our 20 000-volume collection of modern and classical fiction, non-fiction and textbooks in 75 languages, including the languages of the former USSR republics.

The library is now developing a new collection called Book Patchwork: a special foreign language collection of books from different countries written for young people, about young people, or by young authors.

Since 2010, when the first Comics and Visual Culture Centre in Russia was established in RSLYA, the comics collection has grown significantly — there are now 4000 titles in Russian and ten other languages in the collection.

RSLYAs Music and Score Department boasts a large collection of sheet music. Started in the 1960s, the collection now has 36 000 items and is still in great demand. At the core of the collection are 3700 rare and valuable materials published in the 19th and 20th century. The departments record collection has 35 000 vinyl discs with music and literary recordings.

Library users can listen to over a thousand CDs and DVDs with audiobooks, most of which can be checked-out by Moscow and Moscow region residents. The library has made a number of agreements with audiobook publishers and copyright holders in order to give its readers access to audiobooks.

The library has 400 DVDs and BluRay discs: Russian and world classic films, the best new films, film adaptations, animated films, educational videos, films about Russian and world history. The complete list of films can be found not only in the librarys catalogue, but also in the alternative catalogue with film descriptions, trailers and filmmakers biographies.

RSLYAs Young Peoples Issues Information and Resource Centre offers a periodicals referral database (1600 entries) and a bibliographic database that includes 5000 bibliographic records of books published from the mid-19th century to the 1940s. Young People of Russia Digital Library contains the full text of 1300 publications from before the mid-1930s as well as a number of abstracts and dissertations about young peoples issues.

All library visitors have access to e-libraries (over one million materials). Registered members can work with digital libraries such as IPRbooks, Bibliorossika, Znanium, University library on-line, LitRes Biblioteka from home if they get a password in the library.

Visitors can read the online versions of magazines and newspapers. Periodicals databases are accessible inside the library: NEICONs Academic Journal Archive, East View Information Services, Public.Ru, Library Press Display.

Visitors who are interested in law and legislation will find the following databases especially useful: Garant Legal Information Database, Consultant Plus Legal Database, Law of Russia Legal Information Database.

As of 2014, the Dissertation Electronic Library created by the Russian State Library contains 792 000 dissertations and abstracts. This e-library is also accessible from RSLYA.

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