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The Fourth Wall

 The Fourth Wall

Meets once a month


+7 499 922-66-77 (ext. 791)

Club supervisor

Alexey Volkov, writer

The Fourth Wall club explores American comics culture.

Club supervisors, Alexey Volkov and Kirill Kutuzov, are also administrators of Old Komix community, the main source of information about American comics and related issues on the Russian-language internet. Alexey and Kirill offer their readers original and translated materials about the milestones in the development of the art of comics in the United States. They also make a podcast called The Old Komix Radio, stylized to sound like old radio programmes.

At the club meetings, visitors have the opportunity to break through the “fourth wall” – the boundary between the reader’s world and the world of the text – and study the history of American comics from the inside, by reading outstanding works that became important milestones for the industry. We discuss more than just comics: we also talk about the mechanisms of comics creation and distribution, and the culture of reading comics, which have changed significantly over the decades.

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