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Russian State Library for Young Adults

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The Library is 50

The Library is 50    Chronicle    50th anniversary conference

International Conference on Building Young Peoples Human Capital at the Library (Celebrating the Russian State Library for Young Adults 50th Anniversary)

Conference Programme   Conference Programme - 77620

On 12-13 October 2016 the Russian State Library for Young Adults with support from the Ministry of Culture of Russia and the Russian Library Association will hold the International Conference on Building Young Peoples Human Capital at the Library celebrating the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the RSLYA and the All-Russia network of young adult libraries. The main conference events will be held at the Russian State Library for Young Adults.

The Conference programme will include:

  • plenary sessions and workshops;
  • round tables;
  • meetings with writers and filmmakers;
  • discussion spaces;
  • conference calls with young adult libraries in the country;
  • presentations of RSLYAs new publications and projects;
  • guests from Finland, Poland, Sweden, and South Korea;
  • celebrations and networking.

Problem to be discussed:

  • young peoples innovation potential as a basis for the countrys economic and cultural growth;
  • the librarys role in the implementation of the state young adult policy;
  • young adult libraries on the cultural map of Russia;
  • Russian public libraries as part of the world youth service system;
  • history of the country through the lens of the history of one library;
  • books for young people, books about young people: a story that goes on;
  • young librarians then and now: alike yet different;
  • the World Festival of Youth and Students — getting ready!

Special events:

  • Presentation of the new book by Irina Mikhnova and Anton Purnik The Effective Library: How to Design a Library that People Need;
  • Presentation of the new book by Valery Bondarenko One Hundred Years of Youth. Reading about Ourselves. Young People in XX-XXI Century Literature;
  • Anniversary meeting Remember How it All Began with former RSLYA staff.

A meeting of directors of young adult and specialized public libraries is planned on 11 October 2016.

Participation Conditions

To take part in the Conference it is necessary to fill in the registration form on RSLYAs website. Registration will be open from 1 July till 20 September 2016. Two forms of participation are possible: speaking at a session or taking part in public discussions.

We ask all participants to submit an abstract of their paper to the Organizing Committee by 10 September.

No registration fee is required to participate in the Conference. The organizers do not cover participants travel and accommodation costs, but they can help book a hotel in Moscow.


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Chair of the Organizing Committee: Irina Mikhnova, director of the RSLYA

Conference Coordinator: Marina Zakharenko, RSLYA deputy director for Science and Methodology: +7 (499) 161 50 02, mobile +7 (926) 383 62 27, e-mail,

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